National Hot Cocoa Day!


The hot cocoa served by Junior Council has budgets, so you will not be receiving a ceramic cup. However, the hot cocoa will be just as delicious, and perhaps even more so due to it being served by your fellow Ray High School students!

Jewel Alingasa, Reporter

December (in places other than Corpus Christi) is chilly, making everybody look forward to a hot drink to keep them warm and combat the icy cold of the outdoors. December 13, as you may know, falls in this (usually) chilly month and is therefore the best day for Hot Cocoa Day!

Like many others, our Ray High School Texans are looking for a way to warm up from the outdoors. Our W. B. Ray High School Junior Council has decided to help, selling hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, candy canes, and sprinkles for 2 dollars per cup. This hot delicacy will warm you inside and out and make your day $2 sweeter!

“Junior Council wants to provide a tasty drink for all Texans to enjoy,” President Julia Kim (Junior) says, “we thought it would be a great way to provide everyone with a sweet treat right before the holidays.” The Junior Council hot chocolate fundraiser will be here from December 12th t0 December 22nd, selling hot chocolate in the front of the school and the fishbowl. Be sure to get yourself a warm cup of hot cocoa, especially on December 13, National Hot Chocolate Day!