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World Quantum Day


Today on Sunday, April 14th, people around the world are celebrating the third World Quantum Day ever! This “4.14” day comes from the first three digits of Planck’s constant, a number that governs quantum physics. More than 65 nations created Quantum Day to increase awareness and promote quantum science and technology. Private investment in quantum tech reached $1.2 billion in 2023, and 33 countries have already established quantum-related government initiatives.

Quantum technologies are used by organizations such as NASA to run atomic clocks or connect communication networks for space exploration. The Quantum System Accelerator has noted how MIT investigators continue to make strides in stacking qubit layers on microchips to help computers grow. It has also created a quantum sensor to detect dark matter. While quantum mechanics explains the behavior of atoms and photons in certain states, quantum sensing uses these states of light to read signals.

With the highest degree of precision available, quantum sensing can measure changes in atoms as they relate to motion or electric and magnetic fields. Taking advantage of non-classical physical qualities like discrete states, coherence, and entanglements, scientists can use these quantum resources to improve capabilities in aviation, healthcare, weather forecasting, shipping, utilities, and more. For example, we can use this sensing technology to pinpoint our location anywhere on Earth, scan patients with greater accuracy and less side effects, and better measure tectonic shifts for the prediction of earthquakes or avalanches.

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