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Happy New(s) Year!! It’s National Apple-Giving Day!

Who needs fireworks when we have apples?

The History of Apple-Giving Day

This day traces back to the Greeks, Romans, and Celts. For the first two, it was tradition to give fruits on New Year’s Day, while the Celts gifted mistletoe, gilded nuts, and the branches of sacred trees. Because of the Greek and Roman’s influence, this tradition spread throughout Europe.

However, ‘apple’ was a generic term for non-berry fruits until the 17th century. Many of these fruits were hard to come by before and during that time, apples became a sign of wealth and symbolized love, knowledge, bounty, beauty, and good health (“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”). Because of this, although it was customary to give gifts, assorted fruits, especially apples, were incredibly valuable for this.

As Europeans spread, so did this custom. Apples were even used as payment for early American teachers, though this changed as teachers started receiving cash. 

Appl-icious Facts! 

  • There are over 7000 types of apples
  • Apple is the first fruit to appear in books – thanks Eve.
  • Apples are the most popular and eaten fruit in the world.
  • The city Almaty is named after apples. ‘Almaty’ is derived from the Russian word ‘алма,’ meaning ‘full of apples.’

Celebrate Those Apples!

  • Give your friends and families apples! They’re delicious and most people like them.
  • Try some new types of apples – there are over 100 edible varieties in the US.
  • Bake an apple recipe. One of the most popular recipes is apple pie, but there are plenty of others. 

Recipes You’ll Apple-y Eat!

  • Apple Cheddar Soup – Want to try something interesting? This fun recipe will keep you warm and happy during the cold winter!
  • Apple Meringue Cupcakes – Tired of that old apple pie? This recipe still gives you a delicious dessert with apples!
  • Apple Cider – It gives you cider senses!
  • Caramel Apple Soft Pretzels – Apples? And caramel? AND pretzels? Yum!
  • Apple Pie – The champion of apple desserts, a must-have for any sweet lovers.
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