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Presidents and Facial Surgical Procedures


In the world of politics, a president’s appearance often becomes a topic of public scrutiny, with their faces serving as symbols of authority and wisdom. Discussions about the intersection of leadership and cosmetic enhancements authorize every facial feature to be analyzed for signs of stress, fatigue, or aging in people holding power.
It’s been acknowledged within the US that our country’s presidents have been elected into office at a very old, and even concerning age, with Joe Biden being 81 years old. There may be different reasons for undergoing cosmetic enhancements whether to simply gain confidence or to appear younger to stay longer in power.
Although there isn’t any concrete evidence, it appears Biden may have gotten a hair transplant, facelift, and botox*. Who knew presidents also got work done?

To read more, check out this link!

* It’s been exactly one month since November 15, Botox Day!

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