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Sacher Torte Day

A Delicious Dessert from Austria!
The Original Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Austria!

Sacher-Torte Day is a day to celebrate an amazing Austrian confection. A “torte” is a rich, usually multilayered, cake that is filled with whipped cream, buttercreams, mousses, jams, or fruit. In this case, the Sacher-Torte is filled with apricot jam. This specific torte was created in Vienna, Austria for their foreign minister, Klemens von Metternich. The torte was created by one Franz Sacher, who fortuitously created one of the most famous cakes in the world. The head chef had fallen ill the evening the kitchen was asked to make a cake, so the job fell to the then-assistant chef, Franz Sacher. He created his chef-d’oeuvre with a minimalist nature. It was composed of butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, flour, and apricot jam, and when these flavors are combined, a wonderful mix of sweet, tangy lightness in your mouth that tastes truly wonderful. The harmony of those simplistic ingredients is what made the Sacher-Torte go down in history as one of the best cakes in the world! The recipe for the torte, as well as a little more history about it can be found by clicking on this link. It is a truly amazing cake recommended by many people around the world, and very fun to bake! Have an amazing Sacher-Torte day! Happy cake baking!

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