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ROTC: What’s it All About?

Throughout campus, ROTC is known for its colorguard and the flag presentation at games, pep rallies, and other Ray activities. However, there’s more to the Reserve Officer Training Crops than meets the eye and they are dedicated to raising active community members to do good.Of course, ROTC practices their drills, navel commands, flag presentation, and marching, but they offer so much more than people realize. In accordance with a military-like structure, they offer an optional gun safety and shooting class if you pass a test with a 100. This teaches kids how to handle a gun calmly and cautiously while also enjoying shooting targets at a firing range. They also offer other additional activities, including community service on the weekends which counts for volunteer hours. The kids have worked and helped and several different places including the food bank and the Buccaneers Stadium. They are devoted to helping the community and making it a better place. In fact, the ROTC leaders themselves care deeply about their students and the children’s lives. They constantly educate the kids on mental health and bullying and why these topics are so important. The leaders provide great role models and are committed to helping the kids be the best they can be.In all, ROTC is a great class and extracurricular that is more than people first think. Both the leaders and the kids themselves constantly try to push themselves and want to help everyone they can, even if it’s just carrying a flag.
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    [email protected]Sep 6, 2023 at 2:26 pm

    Great Job Avery!