Photo Credit: Julia Fulginiti

Leela Bindingnavele, Editor-in-Chief

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp was this weekend at Camp Zephyr! A life-changing, comprehensive leadership camp that helps students to grow, RYLA is one of the most positive places on the face of the planet. Despite not being a cult, RYLA is often described as a “positivity cult” by its Ray High School attendees.

This year, we had four attendees: Julia Fulginiti, Chidinma Ogbu, Saara Bindingnavele, and Leela Bindingnavele. Saara attended as a camper on the Yellow Team, while Julia, Chidinma, and Leela were Trailblazers helping to set up for the over 100 campers that attended!

A link to more information about RYLA can be found here, and we urge any Ray High School sophomores and juniors that want to improve their leadership skills to apply for next year!