Halloween Season Safety!

Have a happy, hospital visit free Halloween!


Diego Roberts, Manager Manager

The chances of being in a fatal accident of some sort double in Halloween! Halloween can be a very fun holiday, but for it to be fun, it must be safe. Here are some tips to stay safe during the “spooky season”.


  • Costume Safety

    • Make sure your costumes are fire resistant.
    • If you are out late at night, wear reflective clothing to avoid getting run over by a car.
    • Test all Halloween makeup on skin before applying. You never know how you might react.
    • Remove makeup before going to sleep to avoid infections.


  • Driving Safety

    • If not necessary, just don’t drive.
    • Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully.
    • Watch out for children in dark clothing.
    • DO NOT drink and drive! If you aren’t driving, designate a trusted driver.


  • Party Safety

    • Do not use dry ice in drinks. It is not for ingestion.
    • Use artificial candles in place of real candles.
    • Do not let impaired people to drive and ensure their safety.
    • If you are at a party, and it’s getting late, consider staying over if it is safer than driving home.



Here at the Ray Texan Times, we hope everyone has a happy (and very safe) Halloween season!