Texan Times Meeting Yesterday!


Leela Bindingnavele, Editor-in-Chief

We had another fruitful meeting yesterday! It would be more fruitful if more people could attend, but we understand time constraints better than most. However, reading the slides (of which there are literally a tiny number) can be done on your own time, gets you all the juicy updates, and is very convenient because they are linked right here! Don’t hesitate to contact us through the comments, Remind, or the phone number that Leela has posted in various places on this website if you have any questions, and send any potential articles to [email protected]!

Additionally, just as a reminder, one does not have to be a prodigious writer to be part of the Texan Times. We accept writers and photographers of all levels, and in fact encourage membership founded in a desire to get better at writing! All articles go through our editors, so there is truly no need to worry 🙂