First Newspaper Club Meeting of the Year

Tuesday 9/11/18 in the Library

First Newspaper Club Meeting of the Year

Ian J. Mintz, Editor-in-Chief

This Tuesday, September 11, 2018, at 4:05 PM, the Ray Texan Times Newspaper Club will be holding its first meeting in the Library.  Anyone who is interested in joining the Newspaper Club or just seeing what it is all about is invited to attend.  The Newspaper Club is open to everyone.  The Newspaper Club is dedicated to running The Texan Times, the Ray student e-newspaper ( and Ray’s best source for journalism and current events.

Membership in the Newspaper Club is not required for submitting articles and having them published on the site.  The Texan Times accepts submissions of articles, artwork, photographs, poetry, short stories, and other newsworthy items.  Just email your work to [email protected] for review and likely publication.  We encourage and invite anyone who wants to try their hand at journalism and/or creative writing to submit their work!

Tuesday’s meeting will be the first of many.  Be on the lookout for future meeting announcements, or contact The Texan Times via email or direct message via Twitter for more information.  The Texan Times and the Ray Newspaper Club look forward to a long and exciting future of providing news to all Ray Texans!