World Piano Day

4 Ray High School students are UIL Piano competitors, and we have dozens more that pursue it as an extracurricular activity!


Kylie Thorpe, Reporter

March 29 is World Piano Day! The piano was originally invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1700, but became widely played in the west by the end of the eighteenth century. The previous keyboard instrument used by most musicians was the harpsichord, which had a distinctive and consistent sound but no way to control the volume or tone of the music.

Disappointed by the lack of variability, Cristofori invented the piano based off of the original harpsichord but replaced the plucking mechanism within with a hammer, which gave the player control of just how loud, sharp, or faded they wanted the notes. This instrument soon became widely successful and is now played by approximately one fourth of the global population. Throughout history, the piano has enchanted musicians and listeners alike, being played by some of the most famous people of their time, like George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ruth Bater Ginsburg. Piano has long provided a way of connecting with others, sharing stories, and sharpening the mind of players and listeners. Happy World Piano Day!