‘Tis the Season to be Testing 🎶


Leela Bindingnavele, Editor-in-Chief

It’s testing season! The Texan Times Newspaper Club wishes you well, and we’ve got a few tips for our readers to do as well as they can on STAARs, AP exams, SATs, ACTs, and IB exams!


  • Read carefully and completely
  • Make sure to manage your time wisely; don’t rush, but don’t linger
  • Be confident and ensure that all marks upon the answer sheet are clear
  • Check your answers
  • Use process of elimination on multiple choice questions
  • For open-ended questions, ensure that your answer does not deviate from the prompt
  • Fake it till you make it on free response if you’re confused 🙂

Here’s the schedule for AP Exams! https://raytexantimes.com/2000/student-life/ap-testing/

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