National Boy Scout Day!


Max Obregon, Sports Editor

It is officially the day for celebrating Boy Scouts nationwide! We at the Texan Times represent and support all Boy Scouts across the country. We hope that if you personally know any Scouts you’ve given them the congratulations they’ve earned on their biggest day of the year. 


This day conveniently corresponds very well with the recent founding of the Ray High School Scouting Association! Headed by Mr. Perkins, who is a very decorated Boy Scout of his own, the club will be meeting on March 1st, April 5th, and May 3rd! Mr. Perkins will be giving advice to new and old Scouts, as well as teaching and encouraging members to earn merit badges. There are already a number of older members, ready to help any younger Scouts looking to join. Oftentimes, there are appearances from other Scout teachers, who are always ready with sage advice. The club is a great segue to becoming a Scout, so if you are moved by today’s holiday feel free to seek out Mr. Perkins in room 194!