Batman Day

Diego Roberts, Features Editor

Something is in the way for Ray high school students on September 17th! And that is National Batman Day! Batman has been a staple in live action television and film for almost 60 years, so let’s go through some of the iterations of this masked vigilante. 


          1. Batman (1966)

This Batman was played by Adam West and had a more goofy look, sporting a gray suit with a yellow and black emblem.


         2. Batman (1989)

This Batman was played by Michael Keaton and had a darker look with a black suit but kept the yellow and black emblem. While this movie did not have Robin, it had one of the most iconic versions of the Joker played by Jack Nicholson.


         3. Batman Returns (1992)


This iteration wore the same suit and was played by the same person but had very different villains. This movie has a gross depiction of the penguin played by Danny Devito who fights Batman with an army of penguins.


             4. Batman Forever (1995)


Batman Forever had a change in actors, having Batman played by Val Kilmer. His suit is a lot more slick and slim but still sports the black and yellow emblem. This movie also reintroduces Robin, played by Chris O’Donnell.


               5. Batman and Robin (1997)


Batman was yet again played by a new actor, this time George Clooney. This time, he had a blue and gray suit and was accompanied by Robin and Batgirl.


          6. Batman Begins (2005)


In Batman Begins, Batman was played by Christian Bale and was way grittier than any previous depiction of batman. His suit was all black and he was facing the villain, Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy.  


            7. The Dark Knight (2008)


This Batman was played by the same actor but sported a slightly more high-tech suit. The villain in this movie is regarded by many as the best Batman villain. This movie has the Joker, this time played by Heath Ledger. 


            8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


The Dark Knight Rises was the final movie in the Christian Bale trilogy. Batman wore a very similar suit but was joined by Cat Woman (Anne Hathaway) and fought Bane (Tom Hardy).


           9. The Batman (2022)


The Batman was the latest movie in the Batman saga. This was by far the most serious of the films and Batman was played by Robert Pattinson. He sported a leather suit with minimal armor and drove around in a motorcycle. The villain in this movie was the Riddler, a crazed psychopath.