Junior Council Class of 2024 UPDATE!

Leela Bindingnavele, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Coach Wendell, the former sponsor of Junior Council, has left W. B. Ray High School. Many juniors have been wondering where Junior Council disappeared to. The unfortunate fact, as reporters heard it, is that Junior Council no longer has a sponsor at Ray High School, so the orphaned Junior Council must search for a sponsor. This means that, for the first pep rally at least, the Juniors are far behind the rest of the classes. However, should an ambitious junior find a sponsor for Junior Council, they should definitely let us know so that we can publicize the re-existence of Junior Council!


The Junior Council is now being sponsored by Mrs. Rousseau on the third floor in a room we believe to be 302. If we have the room wrong, please let us know in the comments! The first meeting is going to be Monday, October 24.