Pep Rallies

Pep Rallies

Malia Schomaker, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Ray High School holds CCISD’s most spirited pep rallies and boasts the district’s largest gym. Unfortunately, our pep rallies are bland of students and confetti, capping the full amount of “pep” these functions possess. This past Wednesday, September 1st, seniors approached receptive Assistant Principle Dryden to advocate for a senior section at the pep rally. They hope to fill the gym with at least a little bit of spirit.

The team’s goal is not to break CCISD’s Covid-19 guidelines but work with them to safely celebrate our school spirit.

The group cited facts; the gym is more than large enough to accommodate the senior class with appropriate social distancing and our masks’ effectiveness with containing the virus. They also mentioned alternatives to the usual pep rallies; hosting a morning celebration outdoors or inviting only students passing their classes to the assembly.

Dr. Dryden will meet with Principle Cuevas later this week to answer the senior’s questions.

For a year and a half, our school has not heard a gym full of students scream the Fight Song or watched a class hook pinkies during the Alma Mater. But, the seniors are looking to bring back our spirit and celebrate our final year as a Ray Texan to the fullest extent.