Senior Group 4 Project Day


Ian J. Mintz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Soon, the annual IB Group 4 Project Day will be upon us. On this day, all IB Seniors will get to spend their entire day working on an advanced science project with their assigned groups. This project will take precedence over every other activity that might take place that day, including classes that seniors or other grades might be taking. This is fantastic news for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who get a day out of whatever science class they happen to be enrolled in. It is less fantastic for the seniors, as this day is known to be extremely stressful and busy for them. They only get one shot to perform their experiments, record their data, and put together their board. 

At the end of the day, juniors will get a chance to view the completed Group 4 projects. Then, the juniors will get a chance to grade the seniors on their methods, data, and presentation. Hopefully, the juniors will be merciful to the seniors this year. After all, if the seniors get a poor grade on their Group 4 project, it could negatively impact their chance of getting the IB Diploma, meaning that 12 years of hard work in the IB Program could go down the drain. Needless to say, this will be an important and stressful day! 

The day in question will be December 11, 2019, so be sure to mark it on your calendar!