State Qualifications at T-M Tournament, NIETOC Qualifications at Churchill Tournament

Morgan Kuchta

On January 19, 2019, the Ray Speech and Debate team traveled to Tuloso-Midway to compete. Their efforts resulted in two state qualifications! Daniel Gardiner earned a state qualification in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, while Aamil Farishta earned a state qualification in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking. The rest of the results are as follows:


Team William (Morgan Kuchta, Ian J. Mintz, Juliet Jones, and Richard Waterhouse): World Schools Debate, 1st place

Daya Butler: Dramatic Interpretation, 3rd place

Aamil Farishta: Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, 2nd place

Anahita Farishta: Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, 5th place

Oliver Ommani: Novice Prose, 3rd place

Ben Anderson and Vanessa Zambrano: Duo, 4th place


The weekend before, team members also traveled to Winston Churchill High School from January 11th to January 12th in order to compete.


While there, Genevieve Cox placed first in Congressional Speaking finals while Vanessa Zambrano and Ben Anderson received 5th place in Duo finals.

Evan Hsiang qualified for NIETOC in Original Oratory, and Informative Speaking, making him Ray’s first ever dual NIETOC Qualifier! He reached 8th place in Informative Speaking finals. Daya Butler also qualified for NIETOC in Dramatic Interpretation and picked up a NIETOC bid in Original Oratory.


If you are interested in joining speech and debate, contact Mr. Perkins or Coach Gardiner.